Who is Hema

Hema Interiors is a design studio founded by Sheila Cuello Zambrana, whose main activity is decoration and interior design.

It is a studio characterized by creating  tailor-made homes with stories to tell.


hema interiors empresa de interiorismo en palma de mallorca

Hema Interiors is a result of more than 15 years of experience working as an interior designer. After studying at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Castelló, I started working in several interior design studios in Valencia. It was here that I grew passionate about textures, the value of natural materials, simple and natural decoration, and for Japanese aesthetics at the hand of great architects who carried out Wabi Sabi interior design projects.



After a few years I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, and life had a surprise in store, as I soon found myself living in Mallorca. The island plays a very important role in my work, and I find myself completely conquered by its aromas, textures, materials and natural beauty.

After collaborating for some time with professional interior designers in Mallorca, I began to rethink my work. I started to investigate and absorb an aesthetic based on a search for simplicity and naturalness, where the protagonist is the material itself.


diseño cerámicas wabi sabi

This is when I took a deeper interest in the Japanese Philosophy Wabi Sabi; reinterpreting and adapting it for interior design according to my own personal vision. I also dove into the culture of the island, seeking out local products and artisans, and looking for a way to combine tradition with innovation.

If you’re seeking interior designers that have deep concern for the environment, who are sincerely committed to interior design focused on the purity of raw materials, who are committed to the artisanal value of objects, Wabi Sabi aesthetics, and to ensure that each home absorb the essence of the place, get in touch with us and we will help you in whatever you need.


Sincere interior design, focused on the purity of the raw material, where each house absorbs the essence of the place.

diseño artesanal y natural