Wabi Sabi interiors

The Wabi sabi Philosophy is about embracing the beauty in the unconventional, and in that which is imperfect or incomplete.      

In its most complete expression, Wabi Sabi style can become a way of life, and at the very least a particular type of beauty.

In Wabi Sabi interior design projects, harmony, stillness, and a certain nostalgia for the old must reign.

Order is fundamental, but it’s an order based on balance, fleeing from symmetry and overly controlled spaces. The decorative elements are important to give personal brushstrokes to the spaces, always resorting to simple and organic elements.

Wanted traditional objects and handmade pieces, which with their imperfections show all their beauty. In Wabi Sabi houses the objects are few and imperfect, but they tell stories.


interiorismo natural artensana wabi sabi Photo by pinterest.com
decoración natural textiles Photo by pinterest.com

In design projects, Wabi Sabi flees from all things artificial, and colors are inspired by natural materials, without adding additional treatments, leaving the purity of the raw material and the colors of said material in tact.

The chromatic compositions must be neutral. Raw colors; sands, grays, blacks, browns, earthy greens, and oxides, inspired by Nature, prevail.


ceramicas artesanales wabi sabi Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash

The walls do not have to be smooth and polished. On the contrary, the natural roughness of the material is what brings their authenticity. The atmosphere in wabi sabi houses are serene, sincere and intimate, creating places that serve as a refuge to cope with daily stress. It is a kind of minimalist interior decoration, but with all the warmth provided by the textures of materials derived from nature.

It is worth applying Wabi Sabi style to our home because it represents a change in the value we give to the objects that surround us.


decoración artesanal sencilla