Hema Interiors is a full-service design firm located in Mallorca. We have a passion for what we do and enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to share the beauty of the design process.  

We assist with everyting from decorating, to taking on large-scale interior design project.

We working carefully to seek out organic fibers and textiles, fine materials, custom pieces tailor-made for your space, and personalizing layouts and lighting selections. We respect the environment and strive to create healthy, efficient homes through our commitment to using alternative energy sources.



In spite of strongly linked with Mallorca, our team develops projects nationwide. We begin by performing a study of the area, focusing on traditional materials and local artisans, with the intent of integrating our findings into the space so that it absorbs the essence of the place, and is in tune with its environment.  For Hema Interiors there is no space equal to another, as there is no experience similar to another.



interior diseño natural

Through Wabi Sabi design principles, we became a laboratory for reflection and experimentation between the past and the present, creating  tailor-made homes with stories to tell. 

We have established strong relationships with our collaborators and depending on the needs of each project we put together a carefully selected team of manufacturers, artisans, and suppliers. 



hema interiors empresa de interiorismo natural en mallorca