Natural and craftsmanship design

Artisanship and the value of the handcrafted design is of great importance to Hema Interiors. Artisan products are synonymous with quality and carry with them a sense of emotion and sustainability that industrialized products lack.

Current trends for natural interiors lie in the crafts themselves. The crafts are one of a kind pieces and elevate the design in such a way that we consider it a work of art.

Crafting artisanal goods is a meticulous and detailed process, accomplished without the help of machines or automated processes, making each piece incomparably unique, imperfect, and full of character.


decoración artesanal natural

The new contemporary craftsmanship is an emotional creation process in which design emerges from the dialogue between sociocultural tendencies and the senses derived from contact with their material.

The need to adopt sustainable development and ethical business practices potentially positions global crafts as the new luxury.


The combination of artisanal natural interior design and the Wabi sabi styleresults in homes that have stories to tell. 

Follow along as a selection of local craftsman tell us how they work and wich are their sources of inspirations.



Miquel Segura

Specialized artist
in ceramics, painting and sculpture.

Miquel Segura tells us how his creative process is an inner path in which one work leads to another, be it a painting or a ceramic.

Heavily influenced by oriental disciplines and Zen culture, we observe a deep Wabi Sabi style in his pieces. The simplification and minimalism of his work, without losing the essence of the sensitive, always seeks to move the viewer.

Video and photography by Eggmotion



Designer and artist specialized in glass.

Her passion for artisan processes and the concept of kilometre 0 as a mechanism of inspiration has led her over the last few years to immerse herself in techniques of ancient Mallorcan tradition, in this case glass and ceramics.

His work can be defined as a communion between nature, craftsmanship and contemporary spirit.


Film and Photography by Eggmotion.