Decoration Projects

In Hema Interiors we carry out projects of decoration of houses without needing to make reform.

We offer our clients an adaptation of our personal vision of Wabi Sabi in decoration and we develop proposals of furniture and distribution through plans, selection of materials, individual selection of pieces of decoration, furniture to measure, textiles, ceramics, lighting and articles for the home.

A complete study of the environment, tastes and lifestyle of the owners down to the last detail.

We offer all the necessary personal attention, a complete interior decoration service, we offer our extensive knowledge to create a home truly exceptional, emotional, functional and unique.

The phases of a Decoration Project

estudio de decoración wabi sabi en palma de mallorca

1. Customer Analysis

We will visit the space of the project with the client and we will carry out a creative briefing with which we lay the groundwork to create ideas that point to the right target.

We will compile customer needs, desires, tastes, hobbies and lifestyle to get to know you as much as possible and put ourselves in your place.

empresa de decoración natural en palma de mallorca

2. Execution of the decoration project

In this phase we carry out a study of design, choice of furniture, selection of materials, custom furniture, choice of fabrics, ceramics and household items.

Plans are developed for the distribution of furniture, study and research into lighting and 3D images are made to bring the client as close as possible to the final result of how their home is going to look.

We provide a detailed quotation of the materials, furniture and decoration selected for the client’s approval and prepare a team of craftsmen and suppliers in accordance with our philosophy and the nature of the project.

In this final phase, we carry out the assembly of the furniture and decoration to leave the house ready to move in.